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We create, to ​market .

ymv is a marketing & social media management ​agency driven by an impressive community of ​creatives ranging from Burberry models to Ukrainian ​Runway directors.

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Creative Direction & ​Production

Produce an entire campaign in 3 days. You ​read that right...3 days.

Marketing, PR & ​Copywriting

Increasing ROI by boosting revenues, ​through ymv strategies.

Talent Acquisition & ​Management

Casting models, photographers, ​videographers, influencers, dancers, etc.

“I was especially impressed by ​how quickly YMV was able to cast ​professional models for my ​Runway Showcase.”

Konstantin Lieontiev, London Fashion Day founder.

Scouting, developing, and providing talent is part of our ​community’s mission. You never know when you’ll need ​your next actor to deliver your brand’s vision on screen!

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a new era.

Imagine if Tinder and Indeed.com met at a runway show and had a ​baby...that’s us in a nutshell. An upcoming marketplace platform ​bridging the gap between Tech and Fashion, powered by AI.


Soon on the ​App Store


Innovate with us​.

Our primary focus is delivering e​xceptional marketing and creative p​roduction services to our clients, even as w​e explore the future of Fashion and AI.


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